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New Song Alert: Cherry Lotus "See You Smile"

Cherry Lotus are a four piece indie rock band from Bournemouth. Formed in 2018, the band is made up of Joe Grange (Vocals/Guitar), Aidan O'Hara (Guitar), Paul Nicola-Miller (Drums) and Ben Miller (Bass).

Despite the smiles, the band were secretly seething that they had lost the furniture in a game of Poker.

After a string of gigs at major venues and a host of festival appearances; 'Cherry Lotus' have proven to be a high energy live band that gives their all with every performance. Passion, energy and the will to give every person that sees them an unforgettable experience and deliver memorable songs that uplift. 

Their new single, "See You Smile" follows hot on the heels of Septembers release "Jetlag". It's an uplifting tune with a positive vibe and, like Jetlag, is a great little indie rock tune. Some great synth work in the chorus lifts the whole song to new heights, with the rest of the band keeping the music very firmly in the contemporary field. The lyrics tell of hope in the face of sadness, holding out a hand to someone who needs it to bring a little happiness.

Cherry Lotus are looking like the complete package, after such a short time and the songs they are producing are top-drawer. We can see big things on the horizon for these chaps!

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