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New Song Alert - Dutch Criminal Record "Vinnetrow Road"

South Coast Surf Pop quartet Dutch Criminal Record have come a long way since their self titled debut EP in 2014. Sure, their music still gives a nod to South Coast life with songs such as "Southsea" and "Socks and Sandals", an essential piece of wardrobe fashion for those middle-aged old codgers such as myself (seriously, you fashion-conscious youngsters don't know what you're missing!) but their music itself has evolved, matured if you will. More... approachable.

The band's Unique Selling Point of communication only by text was proving rather cumbersome...

I think that the change started to happen in 2018 with the release of "Graduate" and has gotten better and better. Not that their old stuff wasn't awesome of course. But Graduate was a big turning point for these guys, each of their next songs taking their popularity up a notch.

Which brings us to "Vinnetrow Road", released 15th November. What. A. Tune!

"Vinnetrow Road is an 80's-inspired alternative Pop song that lyrically bemoans stress caused by social media usage citing Vinnetrow Road, where we practice as a band, as a safe haven.”

80's inspired? That's an understatement! This song is literally dripping with 80's-ness. It couldn't be more 80's if it had a dodgy perm and wore a shell suit.

And that, my friends, is exactly why I love this tune! Think Huey Lewis meets Tears For Fears and you wouldn't be too far away from the sound.

Gone are the surf-style guitar and drums and along comes a much more electronic, synth tune with a real foot-tapping rhythm and a skip-along bass, spangly guitars and

effortless vocals. This is a song for all fans of nostalgic nods, a real treat for your weekend!

We were blown away by this song and Dutch Criminal Record are well and truly on our radar!

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