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New Song Alert: Mauritia "Body Talk"

Ahhh, young love, eh?

Five piece indie pop band Mauritia released their energetic single "Body Talk" back in July, a tale of millennial infatuation in the age old quest to find "the one."

Musical chairs always got a bit aggressive when the adults got involved

Formed in early 2017 in Hull, the band quickly forged their own style, fusing together some high energy guitar inspired indie pop with a generous measure of synth based pop like some sort of indie synth pop trifle. Their first single, "Skin" lays the foundations of things to come for the band, and it's from this very first track that their infectious sound sprouted.

Further tracks followed in steady succession until we reach the latest track, "Body Talk."

As soon as the song starts, your attention is caught by the drum intro that quickly gives way to the assertive guitars and it's immediately obvious that this is going to be another of those choruses that jump out at you. The vocals put you in a club (or "disco" for those of a certain age), looking out for the one who is going to fill that void, either for the night or for the rest of your life. Throughout the verse, the guitar/synth tries to shove every other sound out of the way, like that annoying friend who just wants to get drunk, beaten back by the vocals at the prechorus, only for both to come together in unison throughout the chorus.

"Body Talk" is a song for the weekend, it's a song that has everything, a clever message, some clever musicianship and a clever interplay of moods, which seems to imply the joyous highs and depressing lows of successes and failures in the quest to find romance in a world where love is laden with first world problems.

Strap yourself in for some fast-paced pop, perfectly put together and enjoy the ride that is Mauritia.

Oh, and look out for the bands performance aboard a mini cruise-festival "Made In Hull" - February 28th.

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