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New Song Alert - Voodoo Bandits "Psych Beach"

Yeah, we're late to the party again but we'd like to introduce you to Voodoo Bandits new single "Psych Beach"

We briefly met these Surf-Rockers earlier in the year and we were delighted to hear that "Psych Beach" has finally been released.

Voodoo Bandits have what some might consider an unusual makeup, consisting of red haired vocalist/guitarist Ben, bassist Charlotte and twins Corey and Nathan on lead guitar and drums respectively, all from the Isle of Man. They are in fact one of the most popular surf rock/indie pop artists on the island and have sold out shows there frequently, before successfully venturing onto the mainland and generating quite a murmur up and down the country.

"Psych Beach" follows on from the success of their two previous tracks of the year, "Ride The Wave" - a surf rock romp, and "Sink Below" - an indie pop choon. Both tracks show different sides to the band in terms of their musical styles and the influence of both can be heard in "Psych Beach."

This is an up-tempo, skippy little tune, definitely in the Surf camp but with the added pop ingredient which causes the song to move along at a fair old pace. It "acts as a metaphorical place to visit when escaping the trials of life" and will certainly instill images of carefree nights and beach parties. It's set to melt away the miserable Winter weather and take you back to those heady Summer days.

It's a catchy tune which lends it's support to the revival of the surf rock revival and whilst there are a number of artists flying the flag for this under-loved genre, Voodoo Bandits are certainly right up there with the best of them.

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