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New Song Alert: Deep.Sleep Release "Mathilda"

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

They've been making music since 2017 and on 17th January, Newcastle alternative indie/pop quartet Deep.Sleep released their brand new single "Mathilda"

The past few years have been full for the band. They have undergone line-up changes and a shift from their guitar based indie rock to a new synth-filled alternative indie-pop style. They have performed at festivals such as Kendal Calling, Solfest, Lindisfarne, Tramlines, Last Train Home, Hit The North and Evolution Emerging. They've had two succesful UK tours and a tour of the Netherlands.

2020 kicks off with the release of "Mathilda" - and it shows a renewed energy and clear change of direction for the band.

"Mathilda is about my carnal desire to make a relationship work," front-man Dan tells us. "It's about a time in my life where I was ready to bare all and give everything I had for a single second of reciprocation. These three minutes are a sonic representation of everything I felt during that time."

It's a masterclass in synth pop. Bringing an electronic dance-floor vibe with a liberal dollop of 80's drumming and an anthemic feel to the chorus, it's sure to gain the nod of approval among retro-loving connoisseurs. Gone are the spangly guitar tracks, making way for a wave of undulating synths. There's a familiarity to the song, reeling you in with it's infectious vocals and keeping you singing along under your breath to that chorus.

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