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No Disasters Here

With band members that hail from as far afield as Bulgaria and Finland, indie-pop four-piece Hayes & Y harbour a somewhat continental feel that immediately sets them apart from their quintessentially British contemporaries.

They formed a little over ten years ago in Sofia, Bulgaria, while still at school. They started life as "Gross" - practicing in a garage with only one guitar between them.

They realised that Bulgaria was not going to be the place to make it big and so they moved to the UK. "London is hell for an artist. We lived in this tiny apartment and hated every second of it. It’s just too expensive and you have to work constantly to afford it."

Now settled in Manchester, the band have released a number of singles to date, the latest being "Disaster" which is released today.

Hayes & Y have mastered the electronic sound, blended with indie rock and always topped off with intelligent, well delivered lyrics.

"Disaster" is a great little tune with all the ingredients you need for a memorable song - a catchy hook, perfectly balanced music, some great guitar licks and great vocals.

The song gets straight down to business, driven by enticing bass and a minimal drum rhythm until the vocals kick in with an instantly memorable hook that appears throughout the song, meaning that you already think you know the song before you're half way through.

Just when you think you know what to expect, those big guitars come in and you're thrown in another direction. Unexpected, but very well done. And throughout the whole proceedings, you are treated to those half-falsetto effected vocals, driving home the now familiar refrain that is doing a very good job of tattooing itself indelibly on your brain.

A disaster this most certainly is not. A triumph is far more befitting.

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