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One Day, After School...

No, we're not about to tell you the story about the time we stole those soda siphons from the back of the off license, then took them into the shop to claim the "deposit". Seriously kids, that's very naughty, don't do it.

No, we're referring to the West Yorkshire 4 piece rock outfit One Day, After School...

ODAS is comprised of Dean Freeman, Dan Hayes, Andrew Whittaker and Harry Rhodes. They bring high-energy rock, atmospheric piano driven ambient art pop and post punk power. Their first release, the delightfully titled "The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade" encapsulates everything that the band bring to the music world. It sets out the bands stall with the dreamy "(Ninth Reality On The Right)" - strangulated piano and effected guitar ambience leading you into a comfort zone that is shattered by the rocking Waves of Fatalism. The rest of the album takes you through every level of rock before bringing you back down to Earth with a soft landing in the form of "Between Spaces".

This theme continues throughout their EP's "U-Boat" (2014) and the excellent "In Skeletal", which includes "So You're A Mother Now" which seems to take you through every one of the bands genres in a triumphant five minute journey.

In 2017, they released what is arguably their best album to date, the mouthwatering "The Invisible Anchor," opening up with "Deepsleep," with shades of early Joy Division, the toe-tapping "Arc" and the quite brilliant "For Coca Cola"

One Day, After School... continue to surprise and earlier this year released their single "Pax Britannica" / "Ghostbox" - a haunting pair of atmospheric moods that really hit you in the feels.

You should check out the incredible One Day After School on Spotify but in the meantime, enjoy " Stories From The Back Hole" - filmed live at Wakefield's Theatre Royal.

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