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Peru's MONO Releases Neo-Soul track "The Silence"

Former synthpop producer and songwriter, Mono is a 31 years old recording artist from Peru.

He released his first studio album "High Anxiety" early in 2019 - it's 8 tracks of electronic pop and R'n'B fusion filled with deep lyrics that tell of nostalgia and melancholy. Mono gives us compositions inspired by different moments of his life, stories that deal with hard topics such as loneliness, anxiety, failed love, complicated relationships, and even death -all wrapped in catchy melodies built on synthesizers and industrial sounds, with influences ranging from Depeche Mode to The Weeknd.

This is Mono's second full album, following "Dancing With The Devil" in 2013, and a live track "One Night Song" in 2015, both of which were well received by the fans, local radio stations, social media and digital platforms.

"Break Me" was the first song to come from the album, followed by the tropical electro pop "Emotions", and the personal ballad "Blood Diamond." The R'n'B and neo soul track "The Silence" is the fourth track to be taken from the album and you can hear the audio track below

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