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Puppet Theory's "Katia" - Fit's Like A Glove

Having already been backed by Liverpool’s BBC Introducing team, Manchester based label Scruff Of The Neck and Derbyshire-based record label Sound Hub, Puppet Theory look set to climb the next rung on the music career ladder with promises of more music, bigger venues and festivals.

The band were excited about their private screening of Frozen 2. Picture by Samantha Guess

Formed in Manchester in December 2015 by guitarist Johnny Hearldon, along with Chris (singer and rhythm guitar), Niall (bass) and Paul (drums), he set about writing catchy, energetic music fusing together an array of musical influences including early-2000s indie, pop punk and American rock to create a modern, edgy twist on the indie-rock sound.

"Katia" is a monster pop/rock song of epic proportions. This is a song that needs to be heard in its entirety because there are so many levels and directions that the song takes you along.

Don't be fooled by the soft synth introduction - within seconds the peace is shattered by rolling drums and instant vocals that are in stark contrast to those opening few bars.

But this is by no means a piece of heavy rock as you're quickly treated some very nice effected guitars sitting tightly behind the vocals, delicate little peeps here and there during the pre-chorus. And then, without any effort, you are being led, hand in hand down a skippy little path into the huge chorus.

"Katia" is a hell of a tune and should bring the band some much needed illumination.

Puppet Theory ‘show others how it should be done in the age of the synth’. With their energetic live performance and memorable choruses, Puppet Theory have played some of the biggest stages in the North West of England, gaining backing from This Feeling, BBC Introducing and XS Manchester’s Clint Boon. Things are on the up for the Puppet Theory lads.

‘A brilliant new Manchester band’. Clint Boon, XS Manchester

‘These lads have got bags of talent…honestly, give this a spin’ - Charlie Payne, Reyt Good Music

‘Puppet Theory are taking the next step in their career, and what style to do it in!’ Louder Than War

‘The band have something unique, focusing on raw vocals and power. It’s an easy thing to do when you have a lead vocalist like Chris Pickering’. Halfway to Nowhere

‘In the age of the synth, Puppet Theory show others how it should be done’. Rhys Glover, Flick of the Finger

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