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Put the kettle on, here come HAWXX

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Crank up the volume, it’s time for some heavy rock from HAWXX!

Anna, Hannah, Jess and Iman bumped into each other in South London but they’re originally from Greece, Wales, England and Bahrain. “We’re into things like funny voices, feminism, booze, head banging and knitting.”

They’re also into making music that has to be heard at full volume.

Here are high energy, nerve jangling guitars, head pounding drums and teeth-rattling bass lines with bouncing vocals and harmonies that sing tales of the issues of the day, including the NHS and getting sacked.

"Love's A Bitch." It's a song that does exactly what it says on the tin, but with an aggressive, shout-in-your-face "up yours" attitude. The follow up single, "The Lie" appeared in May and talks of Brexit and the current political climate. "It’s an account of how untruths and fear are used by political leaders and the media to manipulate the public to the point where we are numbed and complacent"

Watch out for the next single, "You're No God" - due August 22md

It was all going so well until someone nicked the furniture

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