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Review: The Covasettes "It's Always Sunny Above The Clouds"

Earlier this year, we stumbled upon The Covasettes, an indie-rock four-piece, from Manchester when their song "Like You" popped up in our news feed and instantly caught our attention with their upbeat style of guitar based indie pop, and so we were delighted to discover their debut EP "It's Always Sunny Above The Clouds" which appeared in July this year.

The Covasettes are made up of frontman Chris Buxton, lead guitarist Matt Hewlett, bassist Jamie McIntyre and drummer Matt Buckley, who formed in 2017 and have instantly created a name for themselves, named as "Most Exciting Band" for 2018, which saw them play sold out gigs in Manchester, Derby, Leeds and London.

This year has seen the boys play their first headline tour, as well as releasing their fifth single "Like You". And then came the EP which, for us, is the best thing they have released! Let us introduce you to this four track masterpiece of 3 (ish) minute pop.

The EP starts off at a frenetic pace with the magnificent "Twit Twoo". This is one of those songs that you find yourself singing along to from your first hearing. This is a song that deserves to bring the band some well-deserved illumination. And this is a song that stands head and shoulders above much of the dull, manufactured rubbish that seems to be dominating the music charts these days. I don't think it's overstated to label this one an anthem.

It's followed quickly by "You & I" and it's safe to say that it continues the theme we've already got to know and love from the band. Again, we're treated to some cute guitar riffs and sweet vocal harmonies, another epic guitar solo and another annoyingly catchy chorus.

"Let's Go" comes next and it's still keeping the tempo high. Filled with some start/stop staccato throughout the verses with serve to further emphasise the chorus. For me, the song ends way to soon, being sub 3 minutes. Do listen out for the often overlooked backing vocals though, they're an absolute joy.

Way too quickly, you're at the final track, "Fine Lines." If you're looking for some respite from the relentless pace of the music, you'll not find it here. Sounding just a tad like The Kooks, it's the perfect track to wind proceedings to a halt with yet another frustratingly catchy chorus that is going to stick with you for an eternity.

How they have the energy to keep up this kind of tempo is beyond me but I found myself raising an eyebrow in admiration at the sheer energy in the music on several occasions throughout the thirteen or so minutes of this.

But 2019 doesn't end there for these chaps. You could forgive them for putting their feet up with a comfy pair of slippers and a mug of Horlicks for the rest of the year, but no... they have just dropped a cover version of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" which is infinitely better than the original. Watch the video below (there are some flashing scenes so beware if you are photosensitive or have a bit of a headache coming on!)

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