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Saturday Spotlight: Franck Carducci & The Fantastic Squad

For this issue of Saturday Spotlight, we catch up with Franck Carducci for a cosy chat!

A band with five members on stage. Franck Carducci & The Fantastic Squad as featured on It's Indie and we know it
Franck Carducci & The Fantastic Squad

Would you please introduce yourself and explain your role in the band?

My name is Franck Carducci, I’m a French rock musician, singer and songwriter. I grew up in Lyon, France, in an Italian family where 70’s classic rock music was part of everyday life. We would listen to the Beatles and the Stones as well as Billy Joel or Supertramp, Led Zeppelin and old Elton John records.

As a teenager, I grew particularly fond of a band with very weird album covers. They had this cow with no band name on it, and another one had 2 guys shaking hands but one of them was on fire. My favourite one pictured a pig flying over an old London power station. They went by the name of Pink Floyd, and their music changed my life. So I started to play covers in pubs and clubs in downtown Lyon, where I was not even old enough to be allowed in as a customer. I was also doing some studio session work in the area. In parallel, I was writing my own songs and recording some demos.

Regularly, friends would tell me: “Hey, these songs sound good, you should make an album!” and I would always give the same answer: “What for? Nobody knows me and it’s never gonna work!” Later on, I moved to Amsterdam and joined the local scene there. Then I got to meet one of my childhood heroes, Steve Hackett from Genesis. I opened a gig for him and we had a long discussion. At some point, he said to me: “Your songs sound good, you should record an album!”. So I fired my usual response to this, but then he replied: “Well, just do it for yourself, that way you can’t be disappointed, if it works you’re happy, if it doesn’t, you’re still happy because you did it for you anyway!”

The next day, I started the recording of my first album “Oddity”. Steve was very supportive in the process and he apparently enjoyed the album because he then offered to play on the next one, which he did on “Torn Apart” in 2015. So I guess, everything I achieved as a solo artist, I owe it to Steve somehow, I wouldn’t be here without his wise words. As for the name, since I didn’t have a band at the time of the release of “Oddity” I just obviously used mine!

Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band?

When I released my first album “ODDITY” in 2011, I didn’t have a band. That’s the reason the artist name was simply “Franck Carducci”. After that, I got some gig offers so I had to form a band.

The lineup has changed several times since then, but that’s the life of any band I suppose. The current lineup is called “The Fantastic Squad” (yes, they really live up to their name!) is made out of musicians I met in my hometown of Lyon.

What kind of music do you make?

I’m a new classic-rock artist with strong 70s rock influences and a lot of visual stage effects. Some call it “Theatrical Rock” I kinda like the term. The good thing about 70s music is that it is limitless, you can do anything you want to do!

What are some of your favourite themes to explore through your music?

Most of my songs are about fantasy. I want to make people dream and travel through my music. But I’ve also got a few more down-to-earth numbers, about relationships and stuff like that. I often take inspiration from '60s and '70s Hollywood movies, I love Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Steve McQueen, Bob DeNiro, Brando and so many others. But also Greek mythology, English literature (Lewis Caroll...)

Who are some artists that you love or who you'd say has had a huge influence on your


My musical influences are quite obvious, Pink-Floyd, Led-Zeppelin, Supertramp, Kansas, Billy Joel, Elton John, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Genesis, even Guns ‘n’ Roses!

Where can someone looking for your music, find it?

Very easy, first on my website:

And of course Facebook , Instagram , Spotify , Apple , Bandcamp , Amazon , Deezer , you name it!

What's your favourite part about touring/ doing live performances?

For me, it's all about having fun and offering the audience a nice moment, they'll hopefully remember and cherish. It's all about sharing actually.

What kind of message would you like to give your fans, through your music?

Well, it's not exactly about the message, it's about what I can offer them as an artist. My goal is to give them a good time. A good moment, they'll remember. Make them dream, make them travel. Make them forget about the real life for a moment.

What are your future plans for the band?

After releasing an acoustic album as a duo with Mary Reynaud and a live album with my Fantastic Squad in 2023, I'm currently working on my next studio album. In the meantime, we'll be touring the UK in 2024:

FEB-28 : LONDON - The Bedford

FEB-29 : SWINDON - The Victoria

MAR-01 : PORT TALBOT - Seaside Social & Labour Club

MAR-02 : STOURPORT - Fusion Festival

MAR-03 : SOUTHAMPTON - The 1865

MAR-06 : LEICESTER - The Musician

MAR-07 : LIVERPOOL - Cavern Club

MAR-08 : GLASGOW - Ivory Blacks

MAR-09 : NEWCASTLE - Innisfree Sports & Social Club

MAR-10 : OUNDLE - Queen Victoria Hall

So I hope to see you soon on the road !

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