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A real-life Haggis

If you get on the A1 and drive North for a while, you might find yourself in Scotland. This is a country steeped in history, with rolling scenery, sprawling cities and big lakes. It's famous for many things, including Haggis, a small creature with legs shorter on one side than the other, that lives on the sides of Ben Nevis, Scotland's largest mountain.

Other things Scotland are famous for are Scotch Whiskey, kilts, bagpipes, Wee Jimmy Krankie and the Loch Ness Monster.

Nessie - quite old monster

Scotland has also produced some pretty famous musicians: Annie Lennox, Calvin Harris, Texas, Franz Ferdinand and Susan Boyle, to name but a few. And here, courtesy of our friends at Last Night From Glasgow, are seven artists that hail from Scotland that we would love you to follow

1. bis
2. Cloth
3. Sister John
4. Annie Booth
5. L-Space
6. Broken Chanter
7. Domiciles


These great artists are looking for your support and would love a few extra followers. Scotland deserves to be on the map because of great music and great musicians - not The Proclaimers and Mel Gibson's terrible Scottish accent.

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