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Song of the Week - Lucy Dreams "Pacific Shore"

A song that recently came to my attention is the brilliant Pacific Shore by the enigmatic Lucy Dreams.

This song had me hooked within the first few notes. It's a treat for anyone who is a fan of electronic music. But the story of Lucy Dreams is something quite intriguing indeed!

"It all started with an Artificial Intelligence created by Philipp Prückl and David Reiterer to be used in their music production. Experiments with this AI, a system of digital and analog effects, opened the door to unknown and highly exciting sound-spheres. The effect system was called Lucy, its sonic journeys are seen as dreams. The results of these dreams are the basis for real music production. Lucy as a virtual counterpart has become an idea-giving member of the band. "

Taken from the three track EP Everything Comes In Waves (which you simply must hear!), Pacific Shore combines the essential elements of a great song in this field - synth tracks that intertwine perfectly, with an incredibly catchy, repeating chorus. The song serves to highlight the plight of our oceans filled with pollution.

As the vocalist, Lucy is genderless and completely AI, the vocals tweaked with autotuned software - not "Cher" level, but just enough to make any discerning listener notice and give an appreciative nod.

Altogether, Lucy Dreams have delivered a perfect pop song that will delight fans of Crystal Castles, M83, Glass Animals, Daft Punk, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala and, for those old enough to remember, The Beloved.


Our rating: 10/10




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