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Sonic Snapshots - A Handful of Lightning Reviews!

Strap in, music lovers! In the whirlwind world of sound, we're dishing out Lightning Reviews — quick, snappy, and as electrifying as a rock concert on rollercoasters.

A silhouette of the singer Dawna. The text in the corner reads "Dawna Did you ever"

First up: Dàwna's 'Did You Ever.'

Dàwna's 'Did You Ever' is a pop gem, with something of an echo of Ed Sheeran's charm.

With a silky voice and a mainstream pop vibe, it's an earworm worth a 9.6/10.

Catchy as heck, this track is a delightful pop escapade that'll have you hitting repeat.

A photograph of the artist KYLO. She is laying on ther back, her hands are touching her face.

Next in our selection is KYLO's "Rerun" - taken from her Retrospect EP

KYLO's 'Rerun' is a sonic journey through the twists and turns of love.

With enchanting vocals and experimental beats, she crafts a musical experience that's as addictive as your favourite TV show.

A solid 9.3/10 for this electro-pop maestro!

The band "The Haptics". Three men and a woman, the photograph is black and white
The Haptics

The Haptics "Mouse" is our next choice:

'Mouse,' a post-punk anthem unravelling the intricacies of toxic relationships. Beyond romantic entanglements, it delves into the edges of familial dynamics, navigating the complexities of boundaries.

With a rebellious spirit, it scores an edgy 8.9/10—a sonic rebellion urging you to break free.

Four men standing in a diagonal line. They are in black and white
Louis and the Shakes

Our final offering is scared by Louis and the Shakes

In 'scared.' Louis and the Shakes hit a musical apex, with simmering guitars and sweeping strings that rival the greats like Suede or The Verve.

This climactic soundscape signals a new direction for the band, earning a solid 9.1/10.

It's like the sonic equivalent of a breathtaking rollercoaster—strapped in and loving every twist and turn


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