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STOCKSNSKINS announce Face Don't Fit - their debut full length album

Beat poets for the beaten generation, Bournemouth’s STOCKSNSKINS use their seaside isolation from the wider world, musically and emotionally, to explore the daily lives and lies they see around them every day.

From the mundane to the magnificent, the duo seeks to reflect the reality of living in modern Britain – a dysfunctional collection of warring tribes, that don’t so much co-exist but occupy parallel realities. Face Don’t Fit is the soundtrack for a moment in history when the media is more willing to focus more on the dead of Dunkirk than the homeless soldier on the street; a world where personal qualities and abilities count for naught, and the court jester can become king of the castle.

This is 10 tracks of hard-hitting beat poetry and post-punk infused electronica, packed to bursting with dub influences and basslines reminiscent of the Manchester greats; all coupled with engaging spoken word vocals and the occasional theatrical flourish.

Each thought-provoking track will entertain and engross, encouraging the listener to see themselves in the stories presented, exploring the hardships and struggles we share, all the while celebrating the everyday lives of working class Britain in all its messy, beautiful glory.

The SNS lads has this to say about the band, and the music that comprises the Face Don’t Fit album:

STOCKSNSKINS is musical art in motion, it’s fluid, it’s organic. SNS are a Quality Street tin of mixes, patches, beats lyrics and bass. Music that is different, awkward, real, tangible. Music that the everyday person can relate to.

"We’re really pleased with our first album we think it flows well from our last release Free Speech as it encapsulates us so well. We don’t like to be boxed into a particular genre; dabbling in post-punk, dub, reggae and a little bit of this, little bit of that - that’s how we work. If it sounds good and the lyrics flow it might make it to the recording stage. Musically and lyrically we start big, then we trim and trim until it sounds and feels right. We tend to work on an idea pretty fast once inspiration takes hold, and when it comes to the music and lyrics, if it fits it fits. Less is more as far as we’re concerned - bass lines, drum machines and cheap synths are what underpin our sound."

"We’re really excited to be releasing Face Don’t Fit and to see this album sent out into the world. In fact, we’re very happy to be part of the AnalogueTrash family. It’s been an amazing 12 months for SNS. It was an honour to get record of the week last summer on BBC Introducing with Them Today. It can be tough to break through - can’t do enough, quickly enough and we’re pretty different from the norm. Still, it feels like people are getting us now, so we’ll keep at it, keep writing and keep going. You have to, right? That’s how most of us survive, and those themes of survival and keeping going run through most of our work and are really central to this album.”

Face Don’t Fit is released by Manchester’s AnalogueTrash label on the 6th of September 2019.

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