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The 10 most popular artists on It's Indie

It was a very busy start to the year for us - we've seen loads of new artists cross our paths, either joining the site with a page of their own or featuring on our blog. We thought it would be a splendid idea if we shared with you which artists had the biggest impact on our website.

There had been 82 artists included in this list with a wide range of genres, with over 3000 interactions to the site and yet there was only 1 point separating 1st from 2nd place!

The list is drawn from the number of visits per page, interactions with social media and is based on data from 1 February to 28 July 2019.


METHODS band image
METHODS waiting for a bus outside ASDA, Wolverhampton

We kick off with 10th position METHODS. The 5 piece dark indie electro pop band crashed onto our radar in February, shortly after the release of their anthemic "Mankind", which quickly became one of our favourite songs. METHODS' debut single, "Fires" was named as Fans For Bands unofficial England World Cup song, and it's this tune we decided to feature here. We're looking forward to hearing new music from METHODS very soon.

9 Eloisa Cullington

Eloisa Cullington
Eloisa on her way back from the Bingo in Doncaster

Eloisa Cullington embodies the sound of nu-jazz, effortlessly floating between old-school live elements and the latest electronic production treatments.

She blasted her way onto our site when she was entered into, and won, the Beatdown competition for May.

We loved her smooth reggae-inspired vibe "Be Free" - the perfect soundtrack for the Summer!

8 Schyler London

Schyler London
Schyler London. "This old thing? I've had it ages..."

Schyler London was one of the first artists we featured and her music has featured regularly on the site ever since. Schyler comes from London, Ontario and has an outstanding vocal range. Her debut album "Naked" is filled with incredible pop songs filled with heartfelt messages and emotions.

Schyler London is signed to Arrival Music Group and the album was produced by the very talented a.n.g.e.l.

Taken from "Naked", our chosen favourite track is "Memories". Watch out for new music from Schyler London very soon!

7. The Theme

The Theme band photo
The Theme tried in vain to blend in with the crowd at the official opening of the new KFC in Dagenham

The Theme crashed onto our website out of nowhere, it seemed. They are a five piece rock band from South East London and have been together since 2011, though their current vocalist joined in 2016.

They've already released several albums and EPs and their featured song"Hold Me" is taken from this years new album "Distance", released at the end of June.

6. Dahlia

Dahlia instantly regretted putting superglue on the window

We first met Dahlia when we heard her infectious song "Dreamlova" and have been friends ever since.

Recent winner of "Best Singer-Songwriter" at the Toronto Independent Music Awards and nominee for "EP of the Year" from the IMAs in New York, for her extraordinary EP "Shift"

Dahlia describes Shift as “an alternative indie-pop record that thematically revolves around love, pain, and hope.”

Taken from Shift, we've picked "Back To The Days" as our featured track.

5. Sister John

Sister John band
Sister John took full advantage at the school photo shoot

June saw Sister John perform at Long Division festival in our home city of Wakefield. Sadly, we couldn't make it to see them but they quickly flashed up on our radar and won our June Beatdown.

Hailing from Glasgow, they've been described as "a breath of fresh air" on the Roddy Hart Show, BBC Scotland. Their self-titled album was released this year, the followup to their very well received 2017 release "Returned From Sea"

4. Cole Withers

Cole Withers
He may have forgotten where he left his house but at least Cole Withers could ponder in comfort

By far the most viewed blog post on It's Indie was when we announced the release of Cole Withers album "The Last Bookstore" back in May

Cole Withers is a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles with deep roots in American soul, R&B, Rock and Roll. The album "The last Bookstore" is 10 tracks of good old fashioned bluesy rock.

3. Winterbeach

Though nobody would say it out loud, the band were secretly annoyed that Keith the roadie had left the handbrake off the van and they were going to have to walk home

WinterBeach were another band that took us completely by surprise. The band is made up of Tiam on vocals, Baz on drums and Angel on synthesizers. All three hail from Bergen, Norway, a vibrant, pulsing city of extreme weather and dramatic landscapes, which has fundamentally inspired and infused the expansive, darkly orchestral synth soundscapes created by them. It's easy to hear the influence of 80s electronic pop, such as Depeche Mode or A-ha, as well rock such as Muse.

Taken from their EP "Dark Minds", this is the title track.

2. Natalie Gauci

Natalie Gauci
People had no idea how much hairspray it took to maintain the hairstyle every day

In 2007, Natalie auditioned for, and subsequently won, Australian Idol. Her debut album went platinum and several albums and over a decade later, her new album "Pictures of Mars" is just around the corner.

The lead single "Back To Life" is currently riding high in the UK Club charts and the Swiss dance charts, thanks in part to a remix by the prolific Thomas Godel.

1. Ria

Ria's side business selling old picture frames had really taken off recently.

Just sneaking her way to the top is teenage singing sensation, Ria. She has been on our radar for several months but her popularity seems to be ever enduring. Ria has been touring her native Canada, making herself known on a series of TV shows and radio stations and her fan base is growing steadily.

Ria wanted to be a dancer at the age of 4 but her family soon realised that she had a talent for singing and her first performance on stage was at the age of 7.

She was signed to Arrival Music Group and is currently finalising her debut EP, working with writer and producer a.n.g.e.l. in the studio. “It’s so fun working with a.n.g.e.l. Me and him, we vibe off of each other. We both need to make sure that everything’s perfect. It’s hilarious. He knows when I can do better and when I want to do better. The music will be modern, contemporary, a variation of different things, but you can hear an old school vibe, hip, SZA kind of vibe. It takes you all over. I’m excited about the musical transition I’m making from the Mini Pops and Honey Jam to being a real artist."

And her advice to others who are looking to make a career as an artist? learn as much as they can. Work really, really hard. Study music in general, so that you know what you’re going up against.”

Ria's debut single "I'm Good"is available on all platforms.


Did any of these artists find their way into your favourites list? Tell us which of these artists you'd want to see live, or even if you have already been to one of their gigs?

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