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The Beat Goes On: My Top 40 Musical Journey

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Hey there, indie music aficionados! Some of you may recall my quest to find the perfect Top 40 from all of the submissions I have received in 2023. Well, I'm coming at you with a backstage pass to the chaotic yet harmonious world of curating the Top 40 playlist for the year. Buckle up, because we're about to take a wild ride through catchy hooks, killer vocals, and the kind of beats that make your soul do a happy dance.

The Quest for the Perfect 40

You know how it is — when you're knee-deep in the indie music universe, every track is a potential gem. As a musician myself, I'm all about that sweet spot where artistry meets pure catchiness. I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here's a little taste of the tracks that have already secured a spot in my Top 40 Hall of Fame. Drumroll, please...

  1. Solcura "I Am Weak"

  2. INEGO "Medicine"

  3. LT "Act Your Age"

  4. two blinks, i love you "birthday surprise"

  5. Spearmint "Melody's Mothers' Jam"

  6. Radio Psychosis "Television"

  7. Oli Brown & The Dead Collective "Haunted"

  8. Slye "In and Out"

  9. Al Carr "Sinking Moon"

  10. The Irrepressibles "Will I Ever Find A Home?"

  11. Dawna "Did You Ever"

  12. KYLO "Rerun"

  13. The Haptics "Mouse"

  14. Louis And The Shakes "scared"

  15. The Avelons "Blondie"

  16. Left On Read "Dreams"

  17. Skylark "Good Liar"

  18. Livi Jacobs "Better That Way"

  19. Charly Beth "You And Me"

  20. Almost Legendary "These Four Walls"

  21. Glass Violet "Oxygen Machine"

  22. Wilby "Easy"

  23. The Trusted "Burning The Night"

  24. Live In Color "Letter To My Future Lover"

  25. Rae Charlea "Blue Eyed Boy"

  26. Solar Jam "Lemonade"

  27. Deer Park Avenue "Darkness Hides Me"

  28. Sugarstone "Hostile"

  29. Ella & Sienna "New Years Kiss"

The Grand Finale: A Symphony of Sounds

As we near the end of this musical journey, I want to extend a massive thank you to all of you, the heartbeat of this indie music community. Your interactions, your vibes, they're the fuel that keeps this musical engine running. Whether you've been here since day one or just stumbled upon our virtual stage, your presence is appreciated more than a perfectly timed guitar riff.

What's Next?

This is just the beginning, my friends. The playlist is set, the stage is lit, and we're about to turn up the volume. Stay tuned for weekly doses of musical magic, artist spotlights, and maybe a surprise or two along the way. Let's make some noise together!

Want to listen to the list so far? We got you! Give the playlist below a listen (and a follow would be appreciated!)

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