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The Garage Flowers are back with Pandora Smiles

At the end of July, we were introduced to the incredible four piece indie rockers The Garage Flowers and their massive song "Red Hot Military Audition". The song immediately entered the It's Indie Top 20 and six weeks later it's still kicking around in our charts.

Joe whips out the guitar for another rousing chorus of Kum Ba Yah around the campfire

We're delighted to announce the release of their new single "Pandora Smiles" - and what a contrast it is from that thumping rock track.

'It was one of those songs that just dropped out of the ether, the skeleton of it - the chords and the melody came in maybe half an hour,' says front man Joe Capaldi, 'I played it to Serapinas in my bedsit in the Kings Cross branch of The Salvation Army a few days later and we demoed the entire thing there and then, it was probably all done within 90 minutes.'

It doesn't sound like it was chucked together in 90 minutes. It's got a sleazy swing to it with a massively catchy chorus and the whole thing sounds like a summer festival anthem. Where "Red Hot Military Audition" aggressively got in your face and demanded that you like The Garage Flowers kind of attitude, "Pandora Smiles" is a friendly arm around the shoulder, here, let me introduce you to the band vibe.

'Lyrically the chorus is about escaping the mess and the stress of everyday life of the world with someone you love, so I wanted the verses to be about the mess of the world. I went to my massive collection of lyric ideas and picked lines that went with that sentiment, further trying to represent this chaos by using William Burroughs' 'cut up' technique, to destroy any sense of coherent narrative. "Pandora" is a reference to the Greek myth "Pandora's Box". In the verse I list out all the evils that're inside the box, this also works because when Zeus sent Pandora to Earth she was perfect, linking in with the muse in the chorus.'

Watch the video for Pandora Smiles below and fall in love with The Garage Flowers all over again!

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