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The Lutras Return With Their New Single "Fight Night"

Earlier this year, we were introduced to Scottish Indie-Rockers The Lutras and we were very pleased to hear that their new single "Fight Night" was released today.

Since we last caught up with the guys, they've been keeping themselves pretty busy. They were recently crowned Firestone’s national 2019 ‘Road to the Mainstage’ winners, they've thrown in a UK tour and still found time to drop the new single.

"Fight Night is a story of the working class youth - staying out all night, drinking too much, getting into situations that could have been avoided." Some might feel that it was ironic, or perhaps a stroke of genius to release the song today, given the results of the General Election!

It's obviously a quality rock 'n' roll song from the get-go, having been produced by Bruce Rintoul (Twin Atlantic, Fatherson). It immediately gets stuck in with some raunchy guitar riffs and a thumping drum beat. Add to this singer Clem’s massive vocals, some soaring interwoven lead guitar and a huge chorus and you've got one hell of a tune to finish off your 2019 with!

The Lutras are fast becoming Scotland’s hottest new band. To win Firestone's annual talent search, they topped a vote of almost 1,000 artists which is definitely an achievement!

With a fat diary of festivals and gigs in 2020, the band will be building on the success of 2019 and taking things to the next level. Keep a lookout for The Lutras!

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