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Three Great Artists Making Their Return

As it's been a month since we last shared any music, it seems entirely appropriate that we should spoil you with a selection of great tunes from artists who made their return over the past few weeks. Let's dive in!

Jimmy Knows "Moonlight"

Being one of only two artists to ever achieve a 10/10 from us, hopes were high when we heard that an EP was imminent and I've Been Writing Lovesongs didn't disappoint! The next track to come from the EP is Moonlight, and whilst it does remind us, quite deliberately, of "Dancing In The Moonlight," we think that the track is a real gem and another immaculate example of the all-round brilliance that we become to expect from Jimmy Knows.


Our Rating: 9.4/10

Post Rome "The Idea Of Having A Boyfriend"

Following on from their single Want To Believe, Post Rome return with their tongue in cheek but genius new track The Idea Of Having A Boyfriend. Feeling as if 2 songs have been cut and pasted together perfectly, this song talks of those who prefer the status of having a boyfriend over actually having a relationship.


Our rating: 9.2/10

Latenight Honeymoon "The Causeway"

Another band making a big return is London's Latenight Honeymoon, whose previous track Afterglow we described as a "stadium-worthy anthem"

The Causeway is a slightly different direction to Afterglow, still with fiendishly catchy hooks but laden with a much more funky undertone, trumpets and distorted vocals. Its a track that pushes the band even higher up my list of favourites and certainly kicks the year off to a great start!


Our rating: 9.4/10


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