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Three great songs for Thursday

Another instalment of great indie music for your enjoyment.

The Kecks "All For Me"

With members spanning continents, The Kecks can call themselves truly international. We last caught up with the band earlier this year following the release of their second single Modern Girls, and they're back with their latest single, All For Me.

With a very definite nod towards the sixties and a hint of psychedelic charm, All For Me is a very, very different direction for the band. Well worth a listen!


Our rating: 9.1/10

Jimmy Knows "lovesongs"

Jimmy Knows... and now we know it too, this song is top drawer stuff!

Regular followers of the band will barely recognise the sound that they have crafted this time - dreampop vocals and a solid beat are up front, with the catchiest damn chorus I've heard for a while, with an equally brilliant video.

You know what...?


Our rating: 10/10


Stepford Wives "Living In The Shadows"

Growling, almost angry vocals tell of the idea of the plain somewhere between life and the afterlife. Despite the tetchy feeling around the song, it's a positive song, based on the bands' personal experiences .

Living in the Shadows has everything you'd want from a punky, indie rock tune. It's fast, the guitars are forceful and the whole track is intense. It's exactly the kind of song we've come to expect from the lads!


Our rating: 9.1/10


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