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Time for a catch up?

Here's another selection of fine music that has landed in our inbox recently!


Stonebrim "I Believe In Winter"

Formed in February of 2020, Stonebrim are three guys from London with big plans. They have set themselves the target of having a sell out show at Wembley by 2023.

I Believe In Winter is rock n roll at it's heart, with a real Britpop bite to it. Catchy riffs and an infectious vibe makes this a great little tune to bop along to. (Do we still bop along to stuff? I'm so out of date!)


Our rating: 8.8/10


Ava Ruby "Better Than You"

At just 17 years old, Ava Ruby is already showing herself to be quite the promising songwriter.

Telling the story of one who finds themselves at the end of a relationship, hoping to find someone better whilst still holding a candle for the ex, Better Than You is a great little pop song which shows great songwriting maturity and the potential for a very bright future for Ava Ruby


Our rating: 8.7/10


Calum Lintott "It's Easy To Do The Unexpected"

Pure, unadulterated Pop Rock here, as Calum Lintott ups the ante to bring the utterly brilliant It's Easy To Do The Unexpected.

Here's a track that takes thumping drums and driving guitars, matches them perfectly with empowering lyrics and creating that most elusive of blends we like to refer to as anthemic.


Our rating: 9.8/10


The Great Leslie "Out Of My Hands"

This song has been kicking around for a while but it's definitely one that needs to be heard.

Out Of My Hands is one of 3 excellent tunes that The Great Leslie were to treat us to throughout 2020. Each song is an absolute gem - and we feel like this London-based band are definitely ones to watch in 2021


Our rating: 9.7/10


Hope Mountain "The Seed"

We end this round up with a delightfully delicate track from Hope Mountain.

The Seed is an alt rock tune with some of the sweetest vocal harmonies we've heard for a while!

Taken from the EP of the same name, The Seed focuses on the subject of mental well-being and self focus and does it with an almost hypnotic sound.


Our rating: 8.9/10


What to you think of our selection? Show your love for these artists by clicking the "heart" icon below!

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