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Time To Spoil You With Three Huge Releases!

Albums and EP's are like buses. You can wait for ages for one, then three come at once! And goodness me, have we got a trio of releases for you! With the brand new EP from Jekyll "The Whispering Gallery", the incredible "Religion" by Arcades and the sublime "Whatever Works" from Andi Fins, we think you're going to love this crop.


1. Jekyll "The Whispering Gallery"

We first met Jekyll in January with their magnificent song "I Do What I Can" - which has been hanging around in our Top 40 ever since. The new EP, "The Whispering Gallery" builds on Jekyll's 80's twang and turns it into an unmissable, monumental piece of work.

The EP opens with "The Escapist" and is followed by the aforementioned "I Do What I Can", both of which were tracks that preceded this EP, both of which follow the typical Jekyll recipe of great craftsmanship, a huge dollop of surprises and are beautifully finished off with clever lyrics and vocals.

"Marionette" and "Echoes" follow and you're delivered some good, old-fashioned indie rock, with big guitar, 80's sounding synth and, something I am a bit of a sucker to hear, some awesome vocal harmonies.

The record ends with "Midnight Swim". To say that they saved the best for last is a massive understatement. Predominately a piano and haunting vocal track at first, it's a true work of beauty. The pulsing bass drum and guitar arpeggios are a perfect touch. A truly magnificent track to bring the record to a close.


2. Arcades "Religion"

Another band we stumbled upon earlier this year are the brilliant Arcades. This 4 piece indie rock band from Leicester can not only carry off blue suits with some style but they can also create some pretty smart tunes.

Their 4 track EP "Religion" begins with their previously released single "Say Hello", with its acrobatic guitar riffs and unique vocal style of singer Tommy Cobley.

This formula is carried over to other instant classics "In The Water" and "Grande Rouge pt.2" before tearing up that structure rule book for the final track "Sticks and Stones" - markedly more serene from the get-go and an ideal cooldown from the sheer wave of energy that the rest of the EP relentlessly delivered.

Arcades go from strength to strength and "Religion" is a huge step towards world domination.


3. Andi Fins "Whatever Works"

"Whatever Works" is the brand new album from Berlin-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist music producer Andi Fins.

It's possible that you haven't stumbled upon Andi Fins yet but we highly recommend you address this as soon as possible.

"Whatever Works" is the perfect way to wind down if you're stressed out at the moment! Filled with mellow, clever songs that cover many aspects of modern life, the album continues to build upon the solid foundation that Andy Fins has put in place with his three previous albums.

An as with the earlier albums, "Whatever Works" has an air of Paolo Nutini about it. It's this kind of easy listening, non-offensive piece that we all need to turn to sometimes. Sure, it's great to race along at 100MPH but at some point, you need to put on your comfy slippers and put your feet up. This is that time.

"Wasting My Time" is an ideal introduction to the album, as it sets the tone for the entire record. It gives an insight into the musical talents that Fins possesses, it is a great demonstration of his chilled out vocals and you very quickly put your confidence into the album being able to settle.


All three of these artists could really do with your support right now - as do all musicians. Its would be a massive boost for Jekyll Arcades and Andi Fins if you could follow them on Facebook (just click their names to go to their page!)

Oh, and streaming their music will make them very happy:

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