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Top 10 most popular artists on It's Indie!

Ah, Christmas Time. Mistletoe and wine. Children singing... hold up, that's a Cliff Richard song.

It's the time of year when we all look back over the year and fondly remember all the things we've achieved. Another year over, a new one just begun. Wait, that's another of those Christmas songs, isn't it?

Anyway, we launched It's Indie back in November, as an experiment to see if we could help artists with a little extra push, another arm to their marketing team. So far so good! And for 2019, we have some huge plans - and we want to take you all along with us!

In the meantime, using a very scientific method, we have put together a list of the top 10 most popular artists we've discovered over the last 2 months. This list takes into account the number of likes, shares, clicks and followers and, using my brand new calculator, a sprinkle of fairy dust and more than a few measures of JD (shh, don't tell my wife), the definitive It's Indie Top 10 was created.


Hailing from Belgium, we first stumbled upon Pilod in early December. Pilod are made up of Frédéric Baervoets (vocals/guitar), Christophe Vandewoude (bass/backing vocals) but are currently searching for a new drummer after Geert Luyts departed the band. Melodic rock with hidden guitar melodies and with a sound that bears a similarity to Snow Patrol or The Fray but with darker, edgier vocals, we are looking forward to hearing the rumoured third album from Pilod in 2019.


2019 was a busy year for Leicestershire based Murica, releasing both their EP "Vultures" and their Christmas single "Christmas Time (Run For Your Life)" - both of which received high praise from music industry professionals and received the backing of BBC Introducing. Murica also had some of their music featured on YouTube videos by internet prankster Colin Furze.


Skuve are a virtual band who have never met each other. They produce all their music over the internet and have members based in Sweden, UK and America. Skuve are multi-genre and attempt songs from Ambient to Metal but are most comfortable in the country pop/rock arena. They released their debut album "Ego" in June this year and are in the process of finishing their follow-up album, scheduled for release in 2019.


METHODS are another band based in the Midlands, UK and joined It's Indie's website just before the Christmas period. They are Ash Bradley (Vocals), Jon Nash (Synths), Ryan Deakin (Guitar), Adam Hall (Bass), and Pete Bates (Drums) and are a dark electronic band with a sound not dissimilar to New Order or Depeche Mode and definitely with a huge dollop of 80's influence. As with Murica (above), METHODS have been on the radar of BBC Introducing this year. Expect to see their new EP in February 2019.


Catchy, clever and energetic songs make up the repertoire of Best Not Broken, alternative pop/rock band from Boston, MA.

Best Not Broken (or BNB as I like to call them, as I'm too lazy to type the full name) are Eric Jackson (vocals, guitar), Mark Oswald (bass, vocals), Carlo Carluccio (drums, percussion), Anand Shah (guitar) and Brian Eyberg (keyboards). 2019 is set to be a very busy year for them with gigs and new music in the pipeline


We stumbled upon Giant and The Georges beck in November and is yet another band to hail from the Midlands, which is clearly a hotbed of upcoming musical talent in the UK. Their annoyingly catchy "Dopamine" had us hooked at the first listen, and their followup single, the much anticipated "Just Another Day" is a powerful, poignant song that reminds us how fragile this world is.


Témi is an artist we expect to make it big in 2019 with the forthcoming release "Alternative Soul". Témi worked closely with a.n.g.e.l of Arrival Music Group Inc. to create the EP and it demonstrates Témi's smooth, soulful voice to it's incredible limits. The incredible, emotional "Where Your Heart Is" was the first song written for the EP, a delicious blend of smooth, effortless vocals, elements of blues and soul . "Alternative Soul" is an EP that you will want for your collection.


The Rocktronica genius that is IAMWARFCE hail from Brighton and London, UK and is the brainchild of singer/producer Matt Warneford. His band consist of Lou Matthews (Guitars), Tom Howe (DJ Synth), Mike Smith (Bass) and Adam Stanley (Drums). Their sound is heavily influenced by bands such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Kasabian, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears and others. IAMWARFACE recently toured sold out support gigs with Gary Numan (including Leamington Assembly capacity 1500)  where they proved popular to the Numanoids, calling them: "The best Numan support act in fifteen years".


She may only be 22, but Schyler London has released an EP that is mature beyond her years. "Naked" is a collection of beautiful, thoughtful songs with lyrics that allow everyone to see themselves reflected. The perfect blend of R'n'B, pop and ballads. “Music was the only thing that could ever calm me down," Schyler says, "When things would get tough, I’d go to the park and sing at the top of my lungs, and the pressure release from that was mind blowing.”


Coming in at Number 1, with a huge response when he featured on our site on Christmas Eve, Bob Westfall, Moonlight Poet brought a touch of Indie Folk to the proceedings. His album "Slaves To The Illusion" is a brilliantly crafted piece of romantic genius. Bob is a singer-songwriter, a recording and performing artist, a music therapist, and a travelling English teacher, originally from Vancouver but now permanently located in Thailand.

"Slaves To The Illusion" will make you smile. It will make you cry. It will make you think. But more importantly, it will make you sit up and take notice.


Thanks to everyone who has made our first 2 months such a success, thanks to all the artists who have joined us and thanks to all the fans who have supported them. Here's to a happy and successful 2019!

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