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Track of the Week: Oli Brown & The Dead Collective ft Jo Quail "Haunted"

Haunted," the latest single by Oli Brown & The Dead Collective, is a masterful blend of somber introspection and uplifting musicality. With a strikingly haunting video that complements the song's emotional depth, this release takes listeners on a captivating journey through a unique fusion of rock soundscapes and the entrancing touch of Jo Quail's cello.

Record cover for Haunted by Oli Brown & The Dead Collective. The image is black and white and is a butterfly superimposed by a cello
Oli Brown & The Dead Collective "Haunted"

The single unfolds as a cathartic exploration of personal struggles, with Oli Brown's heartfelt lyrics reflecting a time of introspection and self-doubt. The artist's candor in sharing his emotional vulnerability adds a layer of authenticity that is often hard to find in today's rock scene. The introspective lyrics are beautifully juxtaposed against the simultaneously raw and refined instrumental performances that characterize the track.

In his own words, Oli explains the genesis of "Haunted" as a song born from darker thoughts and uncertainties. “Haunted was a song that came out of a pretty dark place. I wasn’t in a great mental headspace and started questioning many of my decisions. The whole song came together as a full-on rock piece, and while I love it, sometimes the weight of riffs, big drums and guitar solos can take away from the song's content.

What sets this alternative version of "Haunted" apart, however, is the addition of Jo Quail's cello. Her contribution weaves a layer of mournful elegance throughout the track, elevating it beyond traditional rock boundaries. The interplay between the cello and Oli's soaring lyrics creates a unique auditory experience that resonates long after the song's final note.

The band's ability to infuse a sense of hope and redemption is noteworthy. As the music ebbs and flows between moments of gravity and release, a palpable emotional intensity permeates the composition.

The combination of sonic density and emotionally charged performances on "Haunted" evokes a sense of grandeur, akin to a collision between the sonic worlds of Soundgarden and Pink Floyd. The fact that such a dynamic and impactful musical experience is achieved within the confines of a single track is a testament to the band's exceptional artistry.

In conclusion, "Haunted" is a triumph of rock composition that seamlessly marries introspection with emotional instrumentation. With each listen, the listener is drawn deeper into the emotional landscape painted by the music, and the experience is nothing short of captivating.

Oli Brown & The Dead Collective's ability to infuse their music with both emotional gravity and sonic brilliance sets them apart as a force to be reckoned with in the rock genre. "Haunted" stands as a testament to their artistic vision and prowess, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their future releases.

Rating: 9.5/10

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