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Our 500th Feature... and it's something very special!

Those of you who see most of our articles will know that we paid tribute to the ten biggest influences on It's Indie And We Know It over the previous 499 features. And those of you who have followed us from the start may have realised a notable omission.

Few people have heard of Rutland. It's one of the smallest counties in England, 18 miles North to South and 17 miles East to West - roughly the same size as the city of Sheffield. Rutland has only two towns - Oakham and Uppingham. But why the geography lesson, I hear you ask?

If you were to take a trip to Oakham, it's highly likely you might bump into (socially distant, of course) one of these guys.

These chaps are Ben and Josh - better known as the rock/pop outfit Murica - and what busy, busy boys they are!

The thing about Murica is that they achieve such a big sound from so little. Their studio is in Ben's garage. Ben plays most instruments (occasionally drafting in some friends for help) and is the engineer for the band. Josh comes up with some ideas for songs and the two of them bash around until they produce something amazing. And when I say amazing...

They've so far managed to release an album a year - So We Don't Forget (2016), To All My Friends and Foes (2017), Vultures (2018) and Stampede (2019. They've already released a new track from the fifth album, currently in the works. Their songs regularly feature on videos of the crazy antics by Colin Furze and they have really started to build a loyal following all over social media.

Today, Murica released the video to a song from Vultures, the euphoric Sold My Soul. If you haven't already, I'd urge you to follow Murica - you will not be disappointed!

Cap officially doffed!

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