Skuve are a virtual band, comprising of Mack (Sweden), Davv (UK), BK (USA) and occasional member, Ben (UK). They formed in 2017 after connecting via an online collaboration website and are unusual in the fact that they have never met, only ever communicating by email.

They released their debut album "Ego" in June 2018, a 15 track blend of pop, rock and country inspired songs. "The production quality is simply impeccable, with the songs featuring many layers of instrumentation and sounding lush, wide, and open. Skuve have amazing potential with their radio-ready songs. Hopefully, they will enter the spotlight and their music will acquire some much needed, well-deserved illumination."- Drooble

Their follow-up album "Deviate" landed in July 2019 and is a complete change in direction for the band. Gone are the familiar country/pop sounds, replaced by what at first seem to be a jumble of music styles. "It's a nod to decades gone by," tells Davv, "we've tried to make tracks sound from the 50's right up to date."

Also in 2019, they put out their third album, "Chameleon" which was a return to their familiar style. Rumour has it that they are in the process of writing their fourth album in 2 years. 

Skuve can never be a touring band, due to the geography between them, instead writing with the intention of having others record their material, and to release their own brand of music for years to come. 



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