The beatdown final is here!
Throughout this year, artists have been battling to be crowned It's Indie's Artist of the Year. 
We've seen 32 bands over the past 8 months take each other on. There have been thousands of votes from fans and visitors which have secured places in the final for these 10 artists. Now it's over to you to vote for the ultimate winner. Here's how...
Listen to the artists on our player, read all about them all by clicking their photo on the image carousel below then visit the voting page and cast your vote.
Of course, you don't have to listen to all artists. We won't sulk! But the whole ethos of our entire website is to introduce you to new music you may not have heard of. And each of the artists are still developing their careers and would really appreciate your support.
Voting is a little different this time. When you visit the voting page, you'll be faced with a list of the ten finalists. Simply drag the names from the left column to the right in order of your preference, with your favourite at the top down to your least favourite at the bottom
Please bear in mind, you can only submit one entry per household, so choose wisely! Voting closes at midnight on Saturday 21st December
meet the finalists!

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