Our Beatdown competition is a simple knockout tournament that runs from now until the end of the year. The prize? Bragging rights over all the other artists. And the ultimate winner will be crowned our Artist of the Year. And who doesn't want to win that??

It's dead easy to help your favourite artist. Listen to both artists. Make your choice in the form at the bottom and hit Submit. And in a weeks' time, we will announce the winner! You don't even have to tell us your name (unless you want to)


And if you wanted to say lovely things about the artists, you can do that too. We'll pass on all nice feedback to the artists.

This week, we feature two ever-presents in our Top 40, Manchester's Dalmas and Nottingham's For The Girl. Both bands are firmly in the indie pop/rock genre and, to be honest, both are pretty awesome!

For The Girl have just released their new single "Fishnets and Dreams", while Dalmas will be releasing their new single "Prevail" on November 6th

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For The Girl

For The Girl

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