The Last Episode


The Last Episode


In 2018, four guys from West Yorkshire got together to form indie alt-rock band “The Last Episode” having all being in bands previously. They’re made up of Paul Norris (songwriter in chief, singer and rhythm guitar), Stephen Hattersley (lead guitar), Wes Rice (bass) and The Cardinal (drums).


Since forming, they’ve been getting their thing on with gigs both locally and nationally. They describe their influences as mixed and range from Radiohead, the Pixies and Paul Weller to Blondie and Queen.


They have just released their new EP, “EP2” – the follow up to “EP1” from earlier this year. Each of the EP’s are a collection of four beautifully crafted tracks. EP1 is filled with some tight musicianship running throughout. The songs are warm and inviting. Nothing “in your face” here, these are genuine, smart tunes that are going to leave you wanting to hear more.

As well as their stated influences, you can hear the likes of The Feeling, Scouting For Girls or The Script.


So what can you expect from EP2? Well… more of the same, really. “A Step Away” opens the record with a hint of a whiff of the old Madchester scene but without the arrogant “come at me, bro” attitude. It’s followed by the excellent and stand out track “Girl That I Used To Know”, sporting a mean guitar solo and catchy-as-Hell chorus. Track 3 is “Wind Your Neck In”, driven by a thumping bass drum and winding bass line which build up to another super catchy chorus. The EP ends with the equally excellent “Broken Glass” which lifts you up with a euphoric chorus, before smashing you into the ground with another verse and putting you back together as the chorus comes back in.


The band describe themselves as “slightly older, wiser heads,” but if being older and wiser can make you produce music like this, then bring on the elder wisdom!


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