"Dark Minds” is the first EP from Norwegian indie-synth-pop trio; WinterBeach. This is a collection of powerful and memorable songs, each beautifully constructed, each with their own distinctively anthemic chorus.

WinterBeach consists of Tiam on vocals, Baz on drums and Angel on synthesizers. All three hail from Bergen, Norway, a vibrant, pulsing city of extreme weather and dramatic landscapes, which has fundamentally inspired and infused the expansive, darkly orchestral synth soundscapes created by them.

The band members have a wealth of experience from a large variety of musical genres – from the darkest death metal, through every variant of rock and pop, to classical and techno. Their music is rooted in the sound of early Depeche Mode, Aha, Falco, Billy Idol and Alphaville but also pays a debt of homage to Suede, Muse, Nightwish, Mew, The Killers and Rammstein, to name but a few.


Opener and title track “Dark Minds” is a dreamy dark pop-song and a cleverly crafted paean to the fragility of the human mind, with sweeping melodies, complex live drums and heavy synths that instantly hook. 


“Drama King” kicks off with a piano driven verse and slowly builds to an incredible chorus, backed by an expansive and dynamically layered sound of stunning vocals and instrumentation. “Like Star Wars”changes the tempo, but not the quality of the melody. An instant favourite and contender for title track. The EP reaches its most political with “Authority of War”, a sneering attack on power and society. The final track “We are Alone” is a delicate love song, with a heart-wrenching melody over lush synths and cavernous drums. 



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