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explosive return from two firm favourites!

With so many great new artists landing in our inbox, it's great to see some familiar names showing up and even better when they happen to be some of our absolute favourite artists of all time. Yes, we're going there! Allow us to indulge ourselves as we bring you the brand new singles from The Last Of The Fallen Angels and Lucy Dreams.


The Last Of The Fallen Angels - Ivory Tower (ft Tara Tine) / Pills (ft Luna Moon & Victoria Owsnett)

Regular readers may remember that around this time last year, our chart (which will return soon!) was dominated for many months by the mighty The Last Of The Fallen Angels and their debut single Phase IV

Well, now they're back and ready to firmly place themselves at the top of our playlists all over again!

The Last Of The Fallen Angels is the brainchild and solo project of Conrad McQueen, which sees him team up with a series of collaborators from all over the world. Manipulating and blurring genres, TLOTFA surprise and delight their listeners with an ever-evolving sound.

Almost a year since Phase IV, the brand new double A-side Ivory Tower / Pills is released on 30th September on clear vinyl, only available through BE Singles Club Gang and is strictly limited edition.

A taster of the release is the riotous Ivory Tower, an aggressive, in-your-face poke at the Establishment. Matched perfectly with the seething lyrics, Tara Tine delivers the message in a no-nonsense, vicious tongued, semi-spoken way and the song forms an unexpected but delightful twist to what you think you may know about The Last Of The Fallen Angels.


Lucy Dreams - Silver Lines

Don't tell them, but Lucy Dreams are actually my current favourite band.

If you like your music electronic, catchy and just a touch mysterious, then Lucy Dreams are probably a band you'll want to get into. Dripping with synths, 80's influences and ultra catchy melodies, the band are dreampop trio David Reiterer, Philipp Prückl and their impressive AI band member, Lucy.

Silver Lines is the third Lucy Dreams track that has found its way into my inbox, following Dreamland and Pacific Shore. As we have come to expect from Lucy Dreams, you should be prepared for a real earworm of a song! It's impossible not to tap along to, a driving bassline setting a foundation for David's familiar brilliantly breathy, tuned vocals to tell the story. Yes, I know it drops the F-bomb in the chorus, but somehow it fits perfectly with the tone.

Along the way, you're treated to some delicate synth loops and a tantalising guitar solo, culminating in yet another perfect pop tune from the trio.

"Silver Lines explores the mysterious space between reality and beyond, between black and white. We believe that everybody moves on this silver line, oscillating between conscious and unconscious thoughts and the diverse perceptions of reality."

Silver Lines is the first track to come from their forthcoming LP Götterfunken - something we are very eagerly anticipating here at It's Indie Towers!


Ada from The Gran Jury: "Well, these two songs couldn't be any different! I like both for different reasons; Ivory Tower is raucous and powerful, with a very strong message, whereas Silver Lines allows you to enter a new world of electronic soundscapes.

It's a tough decision, but the Golden Werthers Original goes to Lucy Dreams - but I'll offer The Last Of The Fallen Angels a lovely knitted tea-cosy as a very close second!"


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