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New Music: Lex Low "Feel More"

I think that it is fair to say that the majority of songs begin with a story, and that having an emotional connection to that story gives the song much more feeling. Hearing "Feel More," the new song from Lex Low, those feelings and emotions come across loud and clear. Lex Low is an alt pop singer, songwriter and producer, currently based in London and has been releasing music since 2016. His latest offering, "Feel More" is a heartfelt look back at a turbulent period in his life when, aged 10, his parents separated. The song places the singer right back in the time and Lex is quick to explain: “Songwriting allows me to explore parts of my life and present them as a true reflection of a momen

New Music: Alex Ohm "Hours"

Another artist returning to our inbox is the uber-talented Alex Ohm, with the release of his amazing new track "Hours", with all proceeds from the track going to the mental health charity MIND. The song follows "Going Nowhere Fast" from earlier this year and is taken from the forthcoming EP due soon. Keen to help in any way possible, Alex did not hesitate to dedicate the proceeds to charity. ‘These are strenuous times and a lot of services need all the help that they can get. The Corona pandemic is having a huge impact on people’s mental health and Mind is a charity that provides a wide range of support for children and adults struggling with these issues. It’s important to remember that not

New Music: INEGO "Phoenix Arizona"

It's always nice when old friends raise their heads above the parapet and release new music, and so it was a delight when INEGO announced their new single "Phoenix Arizona". True to form, INEGO have dipped into their vast talent pool and produced another dancefloor infused pop/rock classic. The song, driven by an infectious bass line, talks about losing yourself in music and to be honest, that's exactly what will happen when you click that "play" button. Accompanied by a very clever animated video by the very talented Dan Crew (who was responsible for a couple of the videos from those other It's Indie favourites, METHODS), this is yet another one of those INEGO songs that stick with you. One

New Music: Berne "Stay"

Berne are back with another electronic, ambient pop tune, following on from their big tune "To The Lions" earlier this year. I think it's fair to say that Berne really care about the natural world and they are using their music as a weapon to highlight all that is wrong in the world. Their previous single "To The Lions" was a plea to the world to wake up to the suffering of animals in captivity, with their evocative video telling the story from the point of view of a caged lion, drawing an uncanny likeness to the situation we all face with the coronavirus lock-down. Now though, the London based alt-pop duo have turned their attention to a much bigger problem, the condition that we have creat

New Music: Amela "I'm Alright"

Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela has built on her new soaring pop sound, following up from first single "Blame" with "I'm Alright". Amela is building a following in Australia since the release of her LP "Somewhere In Between" in 2017, which saw her track "Push and Pull" receive national airplay and was sampled in Allday's "Codeine 17". This song was actually written with the intention of collaborating with Allday but Amela decided to record the song herself, seeing it going first from a folk/indie track into its current form, a smooth piece of electronic pop. Amela has collaborated with diverse international electronic producers including Astre, Clovr, as well as Sydney rock band Bad Pony.

New(ish) Music: Past Tense Of Never "Policy Of Truth"

Ah, cover versions. Sometimes they are brilliant, sometimes you slowly shake your head and want to scream "what did you DO!" Fortunately, this is not one of the latter. Allow me to introduce you to Past Tense Of Never. They're a four piece hard rock band from North Carolina and have been with their current lineup since 2018. Their previous EP "When Daughters & Sons Revolt” was a 12 part epic piece of ear-splitting hard rock blended with an overarching storyline and some very clever link pieces - definitely something you will need to have a listen to. But before you go off to have a listen (and trust me, you should!) you will find, squirrelled away at track 11 of 12, their spin on the Depeche

Lightning Reviews! 19 May

Let us take you on another flying visit to the world of great music as we bring you another round of our Lightning Reviews, where we try to review songs in 40 words of less. It used to be 30 words or less but that was too difficult to write anything meaningful... and what's the point of making your own rules if you can't break 'em? Laissez Faire "Chloe" Bristol's Laissez Faire return with their new track "Chloe" It's a cracking indie rock outing with an element of The Kooks in the vocals This guitar driven indie anthem is going to sound awesome in a filled arena! Our rating: 8.5/10 Filthy Tricks "Leah" From the first beat, "Leah" had me intrigued. Hearing the song build up the way it does, y

4 Newly-Released EP's For Your Consideration

There have been some absolutely cracking EP's recently and whilst you may already have discovered some or all of these, we'd like to introduce you to some of our favourites: Lucky Iris - Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home We kick off with the timely titled "Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home" from Leeds duo Lucky Iris, who are made up of Maeve Florsheim and Jasper Exley. Bringing the very best electronic alt pop to the table, the EP is charged with dance-inspired pop bangers that are clever and catchy, as well as poignant piano-based ballads that wrench at the heart strings in equal proportions. Singer Maeve Florsheim has a captivating voice which sits delicately atop the synth tra

Lightning Reviews 10 May 2020

We are loving all the new indie music from under the radar artists that has been coming our way recently and it seems that there are some real gems out there at the moment! So let's bring you another selection of lightning reviews, where we attempt to review tracks in 30 words or less. 1. The Now "Special Kind Of Stupid" South Wales four piece The Now release "Special Kind Of Stupid." Nice and loud is the order of the day for this rock song that will rattle your fillings! Our rating: 8.7/10 2. KEEF "Satellite" With elements of Bowie and a sprinkling of Floyd, Satellite ambles along with some cleverly intertwined musical elements, creating what can only be described as an epic piece of work.

New Music: Bianca Aristia "Isolation Trap"

It's always a treat when artists we have previously featured return with new music and it's delightful to hear from Bianca Aristia again! Bianca has a bachelor’s degree in Voice. She began writing at a young age and cites her motivations as the huge voices of Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston and her powerful voice certainly reflects those influences. Her voice took her to the quarter finals of The Voice of Germany. ​ It seems entirely appropriate that the track is titled "Isolation Trap" considering the situation we all find ourselves in currently. We are faced with issues and emotions new to us all and being cooped up heightens all of those thoughts and feelings to a greater

Lightning Reviews - 2 May 2020

Now that we've finally passed the longest April in the history of time, longer even than that period between Christmas and January's pay day, we can bring you our first Lightning Reviews of May - where we try to review some great music in 30 words or less. We've got a really eclectic selection for you in this edition, so let's dive right in! 1. Hudsun - Shutdown 30 words? I need only one: Wow! Hudsun's "Shutdown" is eerily lo-fi... delicate to begin with but massive and distorted at the chorus. An absolute masterpiece! Our rating: 9.7/10 2. The Kecks "Modern Girls" Multi-national group The Kecks blast back on the scene with new single "Modern Girls" Distorted voices and piercing guitar riffs

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