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New Music: Sinclair "Burn 'em Down"

Brand new Manchester five piece alternative rock band Sinclair release have released their debut single Burn 'em Down and it's definitely one to watch! You might think that 2020 would be an unfortunate time to form a band but Sinclair don't seem to be the kind of band who want to follow the rules. Having said that, Oliver (Vocals), Chandler (Lead Guitar), Benjamin (Rhythm Guitar), Billie (Bass Guitar) and Benjamin (Drums) are at least observing the Rule of 6... Burn 'em Down is a protest against the establishment and the band make their point very loudly. The full-length version begins with a series of emergency service sirens, indicating the emergency that the song implies, whilst the radio

New Music: September Round-Up (Part 3)

I thought long and hard about what to call this post and in the end, I settled for "September Round-Up (Part 3)". Clever, I know... Anyway, I wanted to squeeze in as many top new tunes as I can before the end of the month... Dalmas: You Say Manchester's Dalmas are no strangers to us at It's Indie, with their previous two singles Draw The Line and Mary quickly becoming firm favourites. You Say is a return to the indie rock sound that the band are known for, it's the first track to come from their upcoming EP and it's a gem of a song. It's the tale of a relationship breakdown, but clinging on, even though you know it's the wrong thing to do. The chorus, heart-felt and emotional, is one that wi

New Music: September Round-Up (Part 2)

Crikey, September is running away at a ferocious pace and we have so much great new music still to bring you... Poploader: Summerboy Blues Let's kick off with Indie-Pop band Poploader, and their debut single Summerboy Blues. As debut's go, this one is one is right up there with some of the best. It's a 3 minute feel good pop wonder, and don't we all need one of those right now? I'm getting whiffs of Lightning Seeds... an ultra catchy bop with an ultra catchy chorus. And as for Poploader themselves, they're definitely ones to watch! Our rating: 9.1/10 Bradford: Like Water They've been away for over thirty years but Bradford are back with their epic new track Like Water. Back then, Bradford we

New Music: September Round-Up (Part 1)

You don't need me to bleat about the difficulties that the music industry faces at the moment but despite everything, artists are still producing and releasing great music. Let's have another delve into the It's Indie postbag! Maya Maya: Cutting Teeth Yes, I know I'm late (again!) - Maya Maya released their debut EP back in July and whilst I promised to review it back then, things got a bit cray-cray (do people still say that? Did they ever say it?) The EP is a collection of four clever, thoughtful songs, diverse but maintaining a tight style throughout. In each song, lead singer Clara Robb demonstrates her ability to turn her hand at differing emotions - from the bitter sweet vulnerability

New Music: Ryan Lunn "Embers"

You know the old saying "never judge a book by the cover?" Well, I almost fell into that trap when I received the latest song by Ryan Lunn, Embers. Ryan Lunn is an absolute force of nature. He is a multi-award winning singer songwriter, vocalist, musician, producer and working actor and model. He already has an album and 2 EPs under his belt. And he has starred and supported in over 35 stage and film productions. And herein lay my concerns about "book by cover" opening comment. In my experience, it's rare that an actor can be a great singer/songwriter, and vice versa. Now, I've never seen his acting, but boy, can this man sing! Embers is an excellent song. It's a mellow acoustic track, with

Lightning Reviews (Edition 11)

With so many reviews to get through, prepare for another round of Lightning Reviews, where we attempt to give you a bitesize review of 40 words or less on some of the best new music to land in our inbox. Let's dive right in! Five Crumbs: Gravity Piecing together some dark, heavy riffs with electronic elements, Germany's Five Crumbs have created an edgy sound with their latest song Gravity, a song that takes you in so many directions it will make you dizzy. Fasten your seatbelts! Our rating: 8.5/10 Søndag: Titans Continuing with the rock theme, Søndag turn up the vocal distortion on their latest song Titans and back it up with angry drums and heavy guitars reinforce the subject that no matter

Artist of the Day: Feed Your Wolves

We first heard the very talented Feed Your Wolves back in June and felt that this one-man music genius deserved a mention as our Artist of the Day. And so, we subjected him to our in depth interrogations... Please introduce us to Feed Your Wolves Feed Your Wolves is an independent solo project by Andy Davidson. This project is a life long desire for me to create a brand from scratch including, song writing, production, artwork, merchandise and website. What made you want to start in music? Music has always come naturally to me and I’ve always been drawn to it since I can remember. I used to play on any piano or guitar I came across, mainly my Great Uncle Rays left handed guitar which is odd

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