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New Music: Lightning Reviews (Edition 10)

Well, would you look at that, we're already at our 10th edition of Lightning Reviews! With this feature we try to bring a bunch of indie artists a little illumination in bitesize chunks, with a review of 40 words or under. Let's dive right in! The Jailbirds: Dull My Brain With more than a pinch of Aerosmith or GNR, Dull My Brain will whisk you back to the 70's/80's rock era and remind you just how great that time was. Strap yourselves in because this is a great ride! Our rating: 9.0/10 Dani Saldo: No Strings Attached 21 year old Canadian-based Dani Saldo releases her second single, a tale of carefree young love. I vaguely remember those days... Dreamy vocals and uplifting dance pop vibes mak

Artist of the Day: Tete Essien

Today, we say hello to Tete Essien, uber-talented singer/songwriter and our Artist of the Day. Where are you based? I’m from Bromley in Greater London. Spent almost all of my life here and I think I’ll spend a little bit longer for now. What genre would you describe yourself as? I like to think of it as being guitar pop with inflections of garage rock, soul and hip-hop. Kind of like different flavours in a Quality Street tub. Who is your main inspiration? Listening to Arctic Monkeys and fawning over Alex Turner’s lyrics made me want to be the songwriter I’m working to be. It’s the constant evolution whilst simultaneously retaining a high output level of their creativity that astounds me the

Artist of the Day: D.I.G.

We have a good old chinwag with Björn, frontman of the Swedish band D.I.G, our Artist of the Day! Introduce us to D.I.G? So we are D.I.G and the band is Björn on Vocals and guitar, Fredrik on bass and Jonathan on drums. Björn is also the main songwriter. We are based in a small town in Sweden called Bengtsfors. It’s the most metal town ever since the postal code starts with 666! Always something right! Our music is a mix of classic and modern rock. We do try to mix things up a bit to keep things fresh. Who is your main inspiration? A band that have had a big impact on us is King´s X, a cult power trio from USA. Nowadays the inspiration can come from all over. But something that winds us up i

Artist of the Day: More! More!

For today's Artist of the Day we have a catch up with LA trio More! More! Introduce us to the band? More! More! are Dan Marmor (Bass, Vocals,) Thomas Wiebe (Guitar, Vocals) and Andy Puttnom (Drums). We are a Rock 'n' Roll band from Los Angeles Who is your main inspiration? Dan’s cat, Fin. Sometimes Thomas’ dog Stella adds her flavour in the mix as well. What is your songwriting process? First Dan summons the creative spirit with his signature More! More! chant. This is how he channels lyrics. Then Thomas gets his mescaline-fuelled boogie on and writes the music. What made you want to start in music? Dropped into a rock concert as a mere child. Discovered the power of concerts to heal all of

Album Review - M-40 "Play The Game"

You know the feeling. You're promised something, then you have to sit around for what seems like forever for it to be delivered. A bit like the Amazon delivery I am currently awaiting. Then, when it finally arrives, you realise that the wait was worth it after all. A little over twelve months ago, we were introduced to the powerhouse that is Manchester's M-40. Fronted by the charismatic Lee Kennedy, the band's first single Falling was a riotous indie rock anthem and suggested big things were on the way for the band. A year later... that's like a whole 12 months... and the band have made their emphatic return with their debut EP Play The Game. Lead track from the EP is the brooding Play The G

Artist of the Day: Random Ties

For our Artist of the Day, we catch up with Youssef, frontman of rockers Random Ties for a chat. Introduce us to Random Ties. How did you meet? Random Ties are Youssef Salloum (Vocals / Guitar), KD Murray (Drums) and Karno (Bass). First let me take you back to 2018 which was when I moved to US from Lebanon, I didn’t know anyone or how the music scene was so I started going to open mics with my acoustic guitar and meeting other musicians. One thing lead to another and I met the rest of the guys. Our start defines the type of band we are when I think about it. When we first started in Detroit, we didn’t have a reputation in the music scene and no promoter would return our messages. What I wou

New Music: Paul Turner "More Than The Moon"

Brisbane-born singer, songwriter and guitarist Paul Turner has become a master of the art of storytelling through his music, and his latest release More Than The Moon is no exception. With a sound that straddles Folk and Rock, Paul draws from his wealth of musical history and life experiences to breathe life into More Than The Moon, a moving song on love and spirituality. A simple acoustic guitar provides the backdrop for the song, punctuated by heart-warming strings and vocal harmonies, with Turner’s vocals delivering his touching message with ease. The drums kick in as the song lifts to the simple yet perfect chorus. With a final flourish, the breakdown provides a nice touch as the song mo

Artist of the Day: Bleeding Raven

Sinister sounding name. Sinister looking photos. Sinister music. Our Artist of the Day takes the form of Bleeding Raven. Who is actually a really nice bloke! Introduce us to the world of Bleeding Raven? I’m Dean Mason of Bleeding Raven and I am it. It’s a one man project. I do everything. I'm based more or less in between Montreal and Toronto. What genre would you describe yourself as? Some of my stuff is Aggrotech, some is Black Metal (like) Ambient and some just dark ambient. Who is your main inspiration? My first inspiration as regards music is Gary Numan but there are so many other bands/artists that have been inspiring and some more “influential” on my sound like Ministry or Skinny Pupp

Artist of the Day: Prime

For our Artist of the Day, we catch up with Prime - before it's too late! Please introduce yourselves! I'm Lee Heir, the singer of the band Prime. Currently in the band in it's dying embers is Chris D Bramley on lead guitar, and Stuart Boles on bass. We're a rock with elements of blues, punk and pop and we're based in the East Mildands, UK. Who is your main inspiration? Us! How do you put your songs together? It varies, we can write in jams but also as traditional guitar/vocal songwriting too. What made you want to start in music? The idea of causing trouble and making a change. What is on the horizon? We're putting the full-stop on Prime (UK Band), but I'm also excited about our final two s

Artist of the Day: TramstonValley

For today's Artist of the Day feature, we visit Japan to meet 3 piece rock band TramstonValley. TramstonValley are Haruki (vocals, guitar and songwriter), Wallaby (bass, backing vocals) and Nogi (drums) and they're from Asakusa Tokyo in Japan. They describe themselves as a blend of alternative rock, post grunge, blues rock, hard rock, Southern rock, and garage rock. - so quite a blend! We asked the band a few of our hard-hitting questions: What is your main inspiration? I like 90's and 2000's U.S rock and classic rock. I think our sound comes mostly from those music genres. How do you write your songs? The melodies and an idea of the whole sound comes first, then I write the lyrics to fit.

Artist of the Day: Stone Sea

Loud. If we could only use one word, that's how we would describe Stone Sea, our Artist of the Day! We have a chat with Elvis, the bands frontman... Tell us about Stone Sea? I am from São Paulo – Brazil, Connor and Jonathan are from Ireland, where the band is currently based. Our genre is always hard to describe and never too precise but overall: “Alternative Rock – Stoner Rock with pinches of World Music” What is your songwriting process? Usually starts with a melody coming to our minds that we manage to register it somehow. That becomes a riff or the voice melody that we develop into half or a full song before we bring to the rehearsal and from there we discuss what would be the best in te

Artist of the Day: Major Moment

OK, let's say this right from the get-go: I already love this band! Major Moment are a six piece Rock / Hard Rock / Alt Metal band from Boston, MA, who are pricking the ears of many a discerning music professional and I definitely feel that these folk are going to step up to the biggest stages in the near future. They state their main influences as Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon and Papa Roach. "We're also influenced by a bunch of bands / musicians that are not in our genre. If an artist of any genre makes interesting music that vibes with us, they instantly (and often subconsciously) become an inspiration for us to try a new way of processing vocals, rhythmic pattern, or check out a new

Artist of the Day: Tarah Who?

Today we meet the ladies of Tarah Who? and have a good old chinwag! Would you guys please introduce yourselves and explain your role in the band? Coralie Hervé: My name is Coralie and I’m the drummer of Tarah Who? Tarah Carpenter: HI! I am Tarah, founder, singer and guitar player of Tarah Who? Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band? TGC: I started Tarah Who? in 2006 when I moved to LA. I went through a lot of musicians over the years until I met and auditioned Coralie. We hit it off right away. Musically she is a really good drummer and on a personal level, we are really close friends. We are on the same wavelength when it comes to working on the project and making things hap

New Music: Lightning Reviews (Issue 9)

Crikey, it's been almost a month since we last did one of our Lightning Review features! Time to put that right, I think. As you may know by now, we attempt to review new music using 40-ish words or less. Here are 5 great new tunes for your listening pleasure. Phantom Isle "MAR V" Imagine dark synths dripping in 80's electronic pop whipped into a frenzied 130 bpm rhythm and you'll get somewhere close to Phantom Isle's MAR V. Minimal vocals leave the music to stand out. Difficult to achieve without sounding boring and repetitive but executed to perfection here! Our rating: 9.3/10 My Octopus Mind "Buy My Book" A little on the quirky side, Buy My Book pokes fun at those self-help books that fil

Artist of the Day: Miles & The Chain Gang

It's a pleasure to introduce you to Miles & The Chain Gang, a good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll quartet and our Artist of the Day Miles and The Chain Gang are; Miles Salter (vocals, guitar, songs), Billy Hickling (drums, percussion), Tim Bruce (bass, arrangements) Alan Dawson (lead guitar) Where are you based? We are based in York, UK. (Alan lives in Scotland.) We met in 2018 through a series of coincidences and playing at open mic nights in York. Our music is a colourful hybrid of rock, singer-songwriter, new wave, country and soul. We draw on as many influences as we can. Alan likes jazz. Tim threw a bit of Duran Duran into a recording we did recently. I'd like us to have a stab at blues,

Artist of the Day: Perseide

We crank up the volume for todays Artist of the Day as we take a trip across the Channel to meet Perseide. Welcome! Tell us all about Perseide? Perseide are Julien (vocals / rhythm guitar), Adrien (lead guitar), Guillaume (bass) and Anthony (drums). We're from Lyon, the second biggest city of France, which makes the music scene very intense and varied! It gave us the chance to play multiple shows and build ourselves as a live band. What genre would you describe yourself as? We're modern metal ranging from pop to metalcore, with heavy old school guitar riffs, catchy choruses, electro synths and intense vocal melodies Who is your main inspiration? Very difficult question, because every band me

Artist of the Day: Emily Daccarett

It's always nice to discover some pop music that you can just listen to an really enjoy and Emily Daccarett, our Artist of the Day, brings some real glamour to the pop world! Introduce us to Emily Daccarett! Emily Daccarett are Emily Daccarett (lead singer/songwriter/producer, S. Peace Nistades (composer/producer), Pedro Asfora (guitar), Vedant Joshi (Keys), Jake Absher (Drums) and Maxwell Pierce (Bass), and we're from Los Angeles. What genre would you describe yourself as? Indie pop/ Dream Pop Who would you say is your main inspiration? We're inspired by artists such as David Bowie, Vanessa Paradis, Kate Bush, Blondie, and Jane Birkin. What is your songwriting process (which bits come firs

New Music: Enjoyable Listens "Key Of Innocence"

If there is an upside to the corona virus disruption, it's that I have had more time to listen to great new music. As the lockdown began to bite, back in April, I was introduced to Enjoyable Listens. The first track, Summer Hit was swiftly followed by the equally brilliant International Space Station at the end of June. Within the blink of an eye, Enjoyable Listens have launched another assault with the release of Key of Innocence - and I believe this is the best track to date. "Enjoyable Listens formed in 2018 as a two piece. Luke Duffett and then partner, Jimbo Savage lived in a derelict pub in Greenwich. They were both pursuing separate paths as songwriters, but in a novel attempt to make

Artist of the Day: Jonny Starkes

Today we drop in on Jonny Starkes, singer/songwriter extraordinaire! Introduce us to Jonny Starkes! Hi, I'm Jonny, a singer/songwriter originally from Newfoundland but now living in Toronto, Ontario. I would describe my music as folk rock/country and heart with some dirt on it Who is your main musical inspiration? My biggest inspiration would Kings Of Leon How do you write your songs? When I write music, I usually play around with sounds and chords until I strike an emotion. From there I shape my songs around the emotion and use my lyrics to paint the picture or to fuel the emotion. What made you want to start in music? I’ve always loved how it felt to sing and found it so enticing to be in

Album Review: The Harriets "Hopefuls"

Leeds has long since been regarded as a hotbed of musical talent. Kaiser Chiefs, Alt-J, Pigeon Detectives... Step forward The Harriets. They are a four piece alternative pop/rock band, fronted by Daniel Parker-Smith and Ben Schrodel, who are also joined by Jess Womack and Ryan Bailey. None of the band are called Harriet, which is a revelation that some might be disappointed by. The Harriets have just released their first full album Hopefuls... and it's a real treat! Hopefuls is a veritable cornucopia of musical treats. Every song has a real, wholesome topic and the stories are told with a real passion and you are left with no doubt what the story is trying to say. There are a few things that

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