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New Music: June Catch-Up

June has been a really busy month for new music and we've seen some huge tracks over the past few weeks. As the month rapidly draws to a close, we still have a gazillion songs* to bring you... let's dive in! (*Could be a slight exaggeration. Who knows?) Thumper - Topher Grace You know when you hear a song and wish it could last for over six minutes? Wish no more! Dublin's Thumper are turning the volume up and twiddling the distortion knobs as they bring you their latest rock n roll epic "Topher Grace" As with their other release of the year "Ad Naseum", Thumper grab your attention with some crunchy guitar and singer Oisin Furlong's sing-but-shout vocals that give this band a real raw sound.

New Music: Alleyways "Over It"

Back with a bang is the Leeds-based 5 piece Alleyways with their new single "Over It" It seems that the lockdown has had a profound effect on Alleyways, as they've been keeping themselves very busy indeed. Not only have they released several ultra-pop covers of some of todays biggest tunes over on Tik Tok but they've dropped their brand new indie-pop belter "Over It" too. In keeping with their new-found pop style, "Over It" is smeared with electronic instrumentation, effected vocals and a driving drum beat. As well as this, they still manage to inject some of their trademark indie guitar work, just as a reminder of how this multi-faceted band can turn their hand to either genre to great effe

New Music: Karamilk "Swimming Pool"

2019 was a busy year for 22 year-old Gold Coast artist Erin Foster, known as Karamilk, filled with festivals and recording new music. She returns with her new single, "Swimming Pool", a welcomed uplifting gesture of hope that is "like hoping to hold hands on a first date." Featuring Sydney's Sam Parker, "Swimming Pool" is an uplifting pop tune that builds throughout, blossoming into a dance-floor-worthy package with atmospheric undertones throughout. Karamilk's unique voice stands prominently at the front, taking turns to contrast brilliantly with Sam Parker's mellow tones. The result marks an effective first foray into the often difficult to navigate waters of an well-balanced duet. Atmosph

New Music: Tony Goff and The Broken Colours "Rearrange"

Due to be released tomorrow, 19th June, we've been given the opportunity to debut the new single from Tony Goff & The Broken Colours It's time to get funky as Tony Goff & The Broken Colours deliver their new single "Rearrange". The four guys from High Wycombe have already amassed quite a sizeable back catalogue, after forming back in 2013 and have even had one of their songs, "Snakes & Ladders" featured in the movie "Soundtrack To Sixteen". I haven't seen the movie but I'm reliably informed that it is available on all streaming services. "Rearrange" was recorded before the pandemic but seems sharply relevant with its subject of changing your life and that certainly seems to be something that

New Music: glue70 "Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow"

glue70 has done it again. Just when you think his previous track couldn't be topped, along comes double release "Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow." Manchester's glue70 has always been a bit of a do-it-yourself kinda guy, teaching himself music by editing videos online. Since then he has written and produced many a great tune, including the super-happy sounding synth-pop "Casin" which has to date racked up almost 14 million streams on Spotify. "Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow" are smooth jazz inspired R'n'B tunes that are a million miles from the super-happy synth-pop "Casin" and mark a major change of direction, while retaining the familiar vocal chops that have been prevalent throughout the ea

New Music: Feed Your Wolves "Save Yourself"

When it comes to solo projects, they don't come as solo as Feed Your Wolves! All music is written, performed, recorded and produced by Andy Davidson as well as all artwork, website and merchandise design. It had always been an ambition of Andy Davidson's to write and record an album and he ticked that box with last years' fabulous debut album "Save Yourself" - 16 tracks of indie rock that I highly recommend that you give a listen. Within the album, you'll hear some real gems, including the three tracks that have been released as singles - "America", "Save Yourself" and "Let's Start Over." Both "Save Yourself" and "Let's Start Over" have also been treated to pop remixes from SilverFox, soundi

New Music: Belau "Colourwave"

Belau are one of the most promising electronica newcomers around the European music scene and their long-awaited album "Colourwave" has finally arrived. Hungary's Belau are Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas, and they are certainly making a name for themselves across Europe, having had almost 200 live performances in 23 countries in just three years. Their debut album, “The Odyssey” won the Hungarian Grammy in best electronic music album category and they are due to start another tour in the Autumn. "Colourwave" is a concept album with an underlying Caribbean theme, filled with chilled vibes and all featuring female vocalists. The album combines sounds of nature with modern beats to produce a

New Music: Lightning Reviews (Issue 7)

We've got so much music to bring you and we're making it difficult for ourselves by attempting to review songs in 40 words or less. So here we go with another round of Lightning Reviews, with the best music from new and upcoming artists. Blue River - Tetsuo There have been so many people talking about this track recently that we had to have a listen! - ed It's loud, it's moody and it's a world away from last years Sugar White Sand. Blue River's Tetsuo sees a new, edgy sound that is so much darker than that we have been used to - but wow, what a change! Our rating: 8.4/10 Dalmas - Mary Another band making their welcome return! Mary is mellow and melodic, then alternating into a skipping choru

Legends: We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!

35 years ago, long before the term "Girl Power" became a thing, four young ladies from Birmingham decided to form a band. Consisting of vocalist Vix Perks, sisters Jo and Magz Dunne on guitar and keyboards/bass respectively and Tina O'Neill on drums, the marvellously named We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It! was formed. The band positioned themselves as a power-punk 4 piece and whilst deciding on a name, acquired a guitar distortion pedal. Magz proclaimed "we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it!" and the name stuck, Although the band never shortened their name, some lazy members of the music industry later shortened it to "Fuzzbox", presumably to save radio announcers a little ti

New Music: For The Girl "The Tide"

It's been a while since we last heard anything from Nottingham indie rockers For The Girl and their time away has been time well spent. A couple of years ago, we were treated to the rip-roaring single "Wouldn't You Like To Know" from Nottingham's For The Girl and what seemed to be a much darker sound than their previous releases. Little did we know at the time that this track was going to mark a two year break, change of direction and change of personnel. The band return with their new single "The Tide" and this time, they mean business. Their new sound, soaring guitar riffs and power chords, reminiscent of The Killers or the Arctic Monkeys, puts these guys right in the middle of the chasing

Top 40 Chart Update - 7 June 2020

Let's check in on the top 40 songs that have made an impact with us over the past two weeks! This week we see ten new entries inside the Top 40 and (sadly!) we say farewell to The Slow Day's "Home" - which has spent a record-breaking 15 weeks in our chart! See who made it to number 1 and hear some great tunes from new and upcoming artists (Figure in brackets represents previous chart position) 1 (3) Lucky Iris - Get Ready With Me 2 (1) Camens - Leave Me In Pieces 3 (NEW) Past Tense Of Never - Policy Of Truth 4 (5) 7 Days In Alaska - Hollywood 5 (7) Lissy Taylor - Wildflowers 6 (NEW) INEGO - Phoenix Arizona 7 (NEW) Lex Low - Feel More 8 (4) Tres Kings - Sucking On Lemons 9 (9) Laissez Faire -

New Music: Lightning Reviews (Issue 6)

Well, would you look at that, it's June already! And this means that we've got another instalment of our 40-words or less Lightning Reviews, with some more of the best new music for you. Let's dive right in... Post Rome "Want To Believe" Sunderland's Post Rome return with their massive new single "Want To Believe". Soaring guitars stand head and shoulders atop this massive driving song. It powers along at a ferocious pace and earns the title of anthem with room to spare Our rating: 8.9/10 Conrad Ashton "Time" At a little over two and a half minutes, it seems ironic that the song is titled so! Its an acoustic driven, upbeat song with Conrad's distinctive gravelly vocals delivering the message

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