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it's indie... and we know it - bringing you news and reviews from the most exciting under the radar music artists

it's indie and we know it are here to bring you the very best of indie music, from the newest indie artists in the United Kingdom and beyond.

First things first... just what is indie music? You can probably find a thousand definitions. However, for us, it can be defined as music from upcoming artists that need a little bit of a leg up in the industry. It's those under the radar artists that haven't yet made the big time - and who would all appreciate your support.  

We mainly cover UK indie music reviews but we will also bring you the latest music from around the world. 

We're particularly fond of pop and rock - it's all indie to us, so whatever your musical taste may be, have a browse and see if you agree with our choices. 

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"Great blog, each post is written with creativity, time, attention to detail and care, not to mention is artistically etched with humour throughout. A truly, outstanding blog. Hats off to all involved! Keep up the amazing work!" - Keely Bremner, Latch PR

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We are not currently accepting unsolicited music submissions.

However, if you want to submit music to us and over 300 other review sites, radio stations and curators, why not check out musosoup?

musosoup is a great platform for artists - you simply submit a track, EP, album or video and curators come to you! 


musosoup connects musicians with a wide range of content curators for reviews, interviews, radio play, playlists and more. Once approved it will be made available to all curators for 45 days. We are proud to have been a member of the musosoup review panel for over a year and our Spotify playlists are mainly drawn from the music submitted via musosoup.


Just because we're not accepting tracks for review from artists doesn't mean we have stopped reviewing! We have a number of PR companies, record labels and management companies who submit music to us regularly and if you are a representative of one of these companies, we want to hear from you!


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