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New Album: One Eyed Oracle "Really Small Town"

One of the very first artists we featured here, way back when, was One Eyed Oracle, the indie-folk brainchild of Canada-based Boris Buhot. When we first heard One Eyed Oracle, it was with the promise that a new album was being worked on. We were teased with the reggae-infused and insanely catchy "Really Small Town" which includes a rap section by Kalask. It shouldn't work... but it certainly does. This was followed by the hyperactive rock track "ALL I Am" with it's acrobatic bass and Buhot's distinctive vocals. It shouldn't work but again, it does. And so to the album. It's a nine track collection of gloriously individual tracks that place One Eyed Oracle in that exclusive club of having no

New Music: Parker Sounds "Something Heavy"

It's always great to stumble upon something that is right up your street. Something catchy. And that's exactly where Parker Sounds come in, with the brilliant "Something Heavy." Parker Sounds was born in south-east Asia before moving to the Gold Coast at the tender age of 6. He began to learn guitar and to sing when he was 15 in order to impress a girl but found that music was more of a love he wanted. This love for music was a constant after he left school, having a short stint in the military, before studying for a Bachelor of Science and working as an ecologist. Personally, I think a career as a geologist might have been a better course, because I could have made a great pun about Rock Mu

New Music: Lightning Reviews 24 April 2020

We received a warm reception to our newly introduced "Lightning Reviews" feature, where we attempt to review new music in 30 words or less and so we're going to have another go... 1. Camens "Leave Me In Pieces" Another massive track from Camens, this is the upbeat indie tune we all need right now. Complete with hilarious lockdown video, this is a real gem of a track. Our rating: 9.4/10 2. Shanghai Treason "Can't Even Hang A Man Right" Pure Sheffield Rock - with Banjos! Fast-paced and very, very loud, this is a great tune to test out the volume capabilities of your speaker system. Did I mention banjos? Our rating: 8.2/10 3. The Daylight "Ghosts" Atmospheric, moody sounding indie rock "Ghosts"

New Music: Nadia Vaeh "Monroe"

Hailing from Los Angeles, pop artist Nadia Vaeh has released an empowering new single, "Monroe." "Monroe" pays homage to the female icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion and more. "I wanted to write a song paying tribute to many of the women who have influenced me as an artist, entertainer, and woman. "Monroe" to me is about being confident in yourself and working to uplift and inspire other women," explained Vaeh. "We all have room to shine and when we allow that light to flow through, we can create space for others to do the same." Nadia fell in love with music at the age of two and her parents encouraged her musical talents b

New Music: Lightning Reviews!

Due to the flood of submissions we receive every week, we're bringing a new feature - Lightning Reviews! A Lightning Review will see us attempt to review new music in 30 words or less (a lot more difficult than we anticipated!), as well as our rating of the track out of 10. But don't worry, there will still be plenty of ways for you to hear the tracks we review and follow the featured artists. 1. Iwan Gronow "Highest Symbol" A huge shift from the previous releases, "Highest Symbol" is beautiful in its simplicity, beginning with stripped back guitar and soaring vocals that build to a glorious conclusion. Our Rating: 8.1/10 2. Jools "Spineless" Leicester-based punk rockers Jools return with t

New Music: in earnest "Put Me Under"

Today marks the release of in earnest's brand new single "Put Me Under" Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, in earnest consist of Sarah, Thomas and Toby, the band are keen to use their craft to raise the subject of mental health. The trio have done away with the traditional dominance of big, in-your-face instruments, instead leaning towards clever arrangement of delicate sound to build beautiful, poignant music that will resonate with many. "Put Me Under" follows this formula and brings together delicate acoustic guitar with the occasional delicate electric effected guitar (including a beautiful solo), topped with Sarah's hauntingly beautiful vocals and Thomas's equally haunting harmonising. in ea

New Music: Mosaic Sun "Deeper Breaths"

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a city that has long since brought some amazing talent and Mosaic Sun are proudly carrying the flag for the North East. Their new single "Deeper Breaths" is the first track to be taken from their upcoming debut album, which is due to drop later this year. The song is a cracking 80's style electronic pop song, sprinkled with synths and guitars that have shades of Savage Garden, while Nabor's vocals deliver an absolute indie pop classic that remind us a little of King No-One. The whole song is wholeheartedly in the form that this magnetic duo have forged for themselves. “Deeper Breaths” deals with a subject we've probably all got experience with - people that repeat the

Where is everything?

We know what it's like, you put something down and suddenly it disappears. I always find it helpful to point out that "it will be around somewhere" or "I'm sure it will turn up" when my wife loses something and I'm sure it makes her feel much better. You may have noticed a lack of posts on the blog and you may be thinking that they were here before? Well, you'd be partly correct. And the good news, if you're looking for them, is that they still exist - they're just at this website. But why, I hear you ask! Well, if you really want to know... ... they were always there. In the early days of our website, we took the misguided decision to split our website into three. It seemed like a good idea

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